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The Community Jam

Since April 2020, Eric has been connecting the music community as a Co-founder and Social Media Manager for The Community Jam, which serves as a shared platform for fans, artists and other creative entrepreneurs growing their brands. Through social media spotlights, interviews, fan giveaways, and more, Eric and his partner Chad have provided opportunities for fans and creatives within the music industry.

See Eric’s interview with one of Cleveland’s top music promoters, John Stursa, below:

The World of Murr

After taking inspiration from Kid Cudi’s album Man on the Moon in 2009, Eric began writing original lyrics and has since developed his brand, The World of Murr, which is a pinnacle of hope for humanity and aims to reassure audiences to embrace their individuality and happiness. Eric has done everything from recording, mixing and mastering his audio productions; to producing, editing and directing videos and other forms of content; to conceptualizing and executing marketing campaigns that have successfully grown The World of Murr to where its at today.

Highlights include:

Pluto – Director of Photography

Tired of Waitin’ – Producer, Editor, Director of Photography

Turnin’ Pages Teaser – Editor

Pluto Teaser – Writer, Director of Photography

Mad World Cover – Director of Photography

LOUD: Mind & Music

In Eric’s final semester at Ohio State University in 2018, Eric rallied a team of 17 students around his vision for LOUD: Mind & Music — where mental health awareness meets the love of music. In 2 months, Eric led the LOUD team as they planned, promoted and produced a one-day event that connected fans of music, visual artists and mental health experts and created an environment where mental health could be discussed comfortably.

Eric plans to initiate LOUD 2.0 down the line in an effort to bring this experience to more people who can benefit from its message, resources and opportunities.