Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Murr channels roots of rock n’ roll mixed with an eclectic array of other genres that he’s inspired by.

With an authentic and eccentric approach, he combines older influences such as Pink Floyd, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and newer sound benders like Kid Cudi, Djo and Dominic Fike with his own intuitive sparks to create music that has led people to say things like: “I don’t know what to call it…but I like it!”

Over the course of his lifetime, Murr has come to realize that music is and always has been part of who he is and continues to feel the funk in each step he takes. “It’s all feel for me and just comes from within. Creating music satisfies my soul more than I can describe, and regardless of what comes of it, I’ll be happily jammin’ in and out of my studio until I croak.”

When he’s not making music or kickin’ it in The Land, you can find Murr supporting other local acts at venues such as The Winchester, Grog Shop or Beachland Ballroom.