Chapter 1: The Only Observer

In Akron, Ohio on October 10th, 1995, Eric Cameron Murray aka “Murr” entered the world. Welcomed by his mother, father and brother, Murr opened his eyes, became the newest human on Earth and began his human experience. Coming into a pretty traditional four-person family in a suburb near Cleveland, Murr was set to be your average Midwest dude. But things ended up a little different…

For the first six months of his life, Murr experienced intense ear infections that caused him to not having any hearing capabilities. At first his parents weren’t sure why he would just stare off out the window with a blank look on his face rather than make sounds, cry, etc. like a normal infant. But eventually they realized since he couldn’t hear anything, he had nothing to respond to but his own thoughts and observations of the world around him.

Once he regained his hearing, he exploded into a frenzy of energy, excitement and enthusiasm for the world he could now connect with differently. To this day, Murr credits his inability to hear in his early days on Earth for the philosophical and day-dreaming mind that he now appreciates and carries with him for the rest of his days.

Chapter 2: The Wild Child

As he developed, Murr grew intrigued by many things but nothing more so than 1) animals and 2) art. He transformed his room to resemble a jungle scene – stuffed animals (about 40), skylines painted on the walls, and yes even fake trees to fill out the habitat of his imagination. He was building clay sculptures, painting pictures, and even writing his first songs all around the age of four. 

As he grew older, he would branch out into the crowds, spread his wings as a social butterfly and engage with many different groups of peers. He bounced between activities and interests all through middle school and high school, experimented with his relentless rebelliousness. All along the way he started to gain his independent consciousness and perspective. One thing he realized the most is that no matter what group or activity he was involved with, he also felt as though he was a bit out of place, an outlier of sorts. 

It was when he listened to Kid Cudi’s “Man on the Moon: The End of Day” that it clicked for him. The way Cudi took his audience into a world built from his storytelling concept, and the way he sent a message driven by his personal struggled and experiences as a human; it inspired Murr and opened his eyes to a new chapter of his life. 

Chapter 3: The Relentless Rebel

to be continued…

Chapter 1: The Eternal Optimist

lessons of australia, onward looking, light at the end of the tunnel

Chapter 2: The Drained & Dreary

not feeling like myself, zombie mode rogue mode

Chapter 3: The Survivor of the Storm

post-cbus, agora, cpr, studio time, antsy hustle transitioning, establishing the world of murr and getting back to myself and my roots

Chapter 1: The Man with the Mic

post-cbus, agora, cpr, studio time, antsy hustle transitioning, establishing the world of murr and getting back to myself and my roots

Chapter 2: The Worn but Wise

to be continued…

Chapter 3: The Sophisticated Soul

to be continued…